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Hear Say - Intern Blog | ECBA Volunteer Lawyers Project
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Hear Say – Intern Blog

    Settlements take time, patience, and people.  Family Court issues are rarely easy because so much emotion is involved. However, when individuals are represented by dedicated attorneys who can listen to their clients and counsel them on the law and their options, settlements can occur. By encouraging settlements, attorneys open up a dialog with all parties to take a holistic view at the issues and reach a resolution that fits everyone’s needs. While settlements Read More
Family Court can be difficult to navigate without help. VLP seeks to ease the burden on families by offering assistance. By the nature of its cases, Family Court is typically not a happy place to find yourself in. Individuals often arrive in Family Court as a result of some unfortunate and very personal incidents. Families’ lives can be turned upside down by the often prolonged and intrusive process. Whether the case involves custody, visitation, child Read More
Lesson: Be the change. My decision to work with VLP.       Hi everyone! My name is Senovia Cuevas and I will be working with the Erie County Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project (VLP) for the next semester as a Pro Bono Scholar. After one week with VLP, I have been fortunate enough to sit in on court proceedings, attend an outreach event, and assist in a planning meeting with the Pro Bono group. Read More



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