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Settlements Take Time, Patience, and People

Settlements Take Time, Patience, and People



Settlements take time, patience, and people.

 Family Court issues are rarely easy because so much emotion is involved. However, when individuals are represented by dedicated attorneys who can listen to their clients and counsel them on the law and their options, settlements can occur. By encouraging settlements, attorneys open up a dialog with all parties to take a holistic view at the issues and reach a resolution that fits everyone’s needs. While settlements can expedite a proceeding, it is important to remember that it takes time, patience and people.

VLP assisted a client in family court to obtain a successful custody settlement, which kept two siblings together and allowed their biological mother access to them.

It took time. The entire proceeding took about 5 months. This time was spent learning about the case, understanding the history between all those involved, and establishing what an ideal outcome would look like.

It took patience. The terms of the settlement were drafted just outside the courtroom, while the parties were waiting to be called. There were multiple attorneys present to represent their clients’ interests, including petitioner, respondent, the county, and two attorneys for the children. Each attorney made it a point to share their thoughts, listen to those around them, and counsel their clients. With so many people involved, it is easy to get frustrated and give up. Yet, each of those present at the settlement today exhibited patience and a willingness to negotiate.

Most importantly it took people. While the attorneys know the legal field and are a vital component of the settlement process, the case was about a family. Ultimately, the individuals who make that family are the people most affected by the settlement reached. As such, it is necessary that each of them are willing to take the settlement process seriously by offering input on their thoughts and concerns. In the end, all parties have to agree.


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